Hotel in Bad Gastein - Völserhof

4 star Hotel Völserhof

Your inviting health spa hotel in Bad Hofgastein

Health spa breaks in Bad Hofgastein in the Gastein valley have a long tradition. At the 4 star Hotel Völserhof savour the unique combination of relaxation facilities and natural experiences: boost your healh and feeling of well-being in our in-house therapy department and in the nearby  Alpine Thermal Spa Gastein. The effect of thermal spa water enriched with radon is scientifically proven. The power and energy emanating from the water is fascinating. At the Hotel Völserhof you can experience it in a variety of forms. You’ll not only be able to relax your body but your mind too here in Bad Hofgastein: The imposing peaks, the clear mountain air and the Gastein Ache river give our guests a wonderful feeling of happines. Our tip: in summer walk through the blooming alpine health spa park, just a few metres away from our hotel.  i

Health spa hotel in Bad Hofgastein

  • In-house therapy department with radon thermal spa facilities
  • Qualified service in the radon thermal step baths from hotel owner, Benedikt Lang junior – a qualified thermal spa assistant
  • A wide range of fango and healing mud treatments, massages
  • Relaxation oasis with coloured light sauna, bio sauna, aroma steam room, outdoor courtyard with spa loungers
  • Hotel’s own health spa packages

Gastein spa water

  • Thermal spa water in the Gastein Valley: lightly mineralised enriched with natural radon
  • Healthy and beneficial effect – radon escapes from the water is absorbed by the respiratory system and skin
  • Alpine Thermal Spa Gastein in Bad Hofgastein is just a few metres away from the Völserhof
  • Additional health benefits in Bad Hofgastein due to the altitude and alpine climate

Gastein healing caves

  • Health Centre of Radon Therapy in Bad Gastein
  • Approx. 13 km away from the Hotel Völserhof
  • Pain alleviation, health maintenance, immune system boost due to a combination of natural radon content,
  • Medically proven effects of the healing caves

Water hotel Völserhof

  • Pure drinking water throughout the whole hotel
  • Fountain in front of the hotel
  • Drinking water fountain in the hotel foyer
  • Water “revived” according the the method by Johann Grander
  • Gem stone water with valuable minerals and trace elements
  • Multimedia “Water Library”